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Camponotus pennsylvanicus care

Camponotus pennsylvanicus aka Eastern Black Carpenter Ant can be found in the warmer regions of North America, South Canada and the northern states of the USA. Like all the Carpenter ants, they are Monogyne (single queen per colony). This ant species thrives in environments with low humidity levels ranging from 30-50% in the outworld and 50-70% in the nest and slightly higher temperatures between 23-27 degrees Celsius. Worker ants measure between 5-16 mm and queens reach up to 18 mm in size.

Soldier Ants: None.

Hibernation: Yes, they require a long break due to their natural habitat, from October to March at temperatures between 5-8°C following an endogenic biorhythm.

Camponotus pennsylvanicus build nests in both dead and living trees, as well as rotten trunks. These ants are not suitable for beginner antkeepers due to their higher requirements for climate and escape prevention.

Feeding: These ants require a constant supply of water. For carbohydrates, they can be fed Best Ants Organic Honey. As for protein, fresh-killed and boiled insects or Best Ants Protein Jelly are suitable options.

It is important to note that Majors can bite.

Please consider using the PTFE Fluon Ants Escape Prevention as these ants are very fast and excellent climbers. These ants prefer dry nests, so excessive humidity is unnecessary to keep them happy and healthy, we suggest getting one of our Ant Farms equipped with a temperature and humidity meter. A heating mat would be a great addition to your Ant setup helping the colony's fast growth.


An article you must read before you step into antkeeping: My Living Ant World

ease download the Ants' Care Sheet HERE

Guarantee: The queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.


These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild.

Contact us and we'll take care of everything.

Camponotus pennsylvanicus - Carpenter Ants

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