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The Odontoponera transversa is a rare and exotic species of ant that is highly sought after by collectors. These ants are known for their striking appearance, with a shiny black body and long, slender mandibles. They are also known for their aggressive behaviour, making them a fascinating addition to any ant colony. With proper care and attention, the Odontoponera transversa can thrive in captivity and provide endless hours of entertainment for ant enthusiasts. Don't miss your chance to own one of these incredible creatures. Colony size: up to 1000. The queen is  12mm, black, and light silver. Worker size: 10 - 12mm, colour: black, light silver. Air humidity: Arena: 50 - 70%,  nest: 50 - 80%; Temperature: Arena: 21 - 30°C,  nest: 24 - 28°C.

Odontoponera transversa

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