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Pheidole flaveria queen ant exotic ants care

The Pheidole flaveria is a fascinating species of ant that is sure to captivate insect enthusiasts and collectors alike. These tiny but mighty ants are known for their striking appearance, with a sleek, shiny exoskeleton and distinct yellow colouring that sets them apart from other species. With a natural inclination to build complex colonies and unique foraging behaviour, these ants are a joy to observe and study. Their small size makes them perfect for keeping in a formicarium or ant farm, where they can be observed going about their daily routines. Add the Pheidole flaveria to your collection and experience the wonder of these remarkable ants for yourself!

They are specialists in escaping so you will need good escape prevention such as our PTFE Fluon.

Feed them organic honey, insects (small fruit flies, houseflies and small crickets) and occasionally sesame, chia or millet seeds. We have upgraded our Protein Jelly formula so it's the perfect substitution for live food. These ants do need hibernation so let them chill during the winter months, December to March at 15-18 Degrees Celcius.

The queen ant is claustral. Suitable for beginners with experience of at least one year as these ant species show higher requirements for climate.

This ant species is often found in China. The interesting part is that the Pheidole flaveria colony is polygene, might have multiple queens. Despite their small size, when the colony grows large they eat a lot. The Queen’s size is 7mm, reddish brown in colour. The workers are tiny - 2-3mm - yellow, mandibles dark brown. Soldiers are amazing - around 4mm with huge heads.

Make sure you maintain the following air humidity and temperature inside your ant farm kit:

Air humidity:   Outworld: 60 - 70%; Nestpart: 70 - 80%;

Temperature: Outworld: 22 - 30°C;  Nestpart: 24 - 28°C - you will need a heating mat here in the UK.

Kind of Ant Nest: Substrate or Plaster bedding (options with built-up heating).

Outworld size: Small  to Medium depending on the colony size

Outworld Substrate: Sand or sand-loam (dry)

Decoration: pebbles, leaflitter, twigs, dried moss etc.

Colony can reach approx. 5000 workers in the wild only. We've managed to reach around 2000 workers with a 5 queen colony for 2 years.


An article you must read before you step into ant keeping:


How to look after Exotic Ants (Ant Farm at home)?


These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild. Contact us and we'll take care of everything.

Pheidole flaveria

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