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Pheidole Noda Big Headed Ants

Pheidole Noda Big Headed Ants


The Pheidole Noda (aka Big Headed Ants) is a fascinating species of ant from Asia that is sure to turn heads with its unique appearance. Known for their powerful mandibles and massive heads, these soldiers play a vital role in guarding the nest and protecting their colony. Smaller than other Pheidole species, these ants are perfect for those looking to start a new colony.They are specialists in escaping so you will need good escape prevention such as our PTFE Fluon.

Feed them organic honey, insects (small fruit flies, houseflies and small crickets) and occasionally sesame, chia or millet seeds. We have upgraded our Protein Jelly formula so it's the perfect substitution for live food. These ants do not need a hibernation.The queen ant is claustral. Suitable for beginners with experience of at least one year as these ant species show higher requirements for climate.This ant species is often found in China, Japan, Vietnam, Java, India and  Sri Lanka, where they live in open land, woodland and wood margins. The interesting part is that Noda's colony form is monogyne and polygene. We have kept multi-queen with 5 queens colony for 2 years and it was a nightmare to keep them any further. Despite their small size, when the colony grows large they eat a lot. 

The Queen’s size: 10-13mm, pure black. The workers are tiny - 4,5mm - head and gaster blackish brown with the thorax reddish brown. Soldiers are amazing - 4 to 5mm with huge heads.

Make sure you maintain the following air humidity and temperature inside your ant farm kit:

Air humidity:   Arena: 50 - 60%; Nestpart: 60 - 70%;

Temperature: Arena: 21 - 30°C;  Nestpart: 25 - 28°C - you will need a heating mat here in the UK!

Kind of Ant Nest: Substrate or Plaster bedding (options with built-up heating).

Outworld size: Small  to Medium depending on the colony size

Outworld Substrate: Sand or sand-loam (dry)

Decoration: pebbles, leaflitter, twigs, dried moss etc.

Colony can reach approx. 5000 workers in the wild only. We've managed to reach around 2000 workers with a 5 queen colony for 2 years.

A curious fact about Pheidole Noda: Even with nest disturbance (not more often than once a day for 4-5 minutes), the production of soldiers remains unaffected, making them a resilient and interesting addition to any ant collection.An article you must read before you step into ant keeping: How to look after Exotic Ants (Ant Farm at home)?

Please download the Ants' Care Sheet HERE

Guarantee: The queen is guaranteed to be alive on arrival.In case your queen is DOA please message us.

These ants are not native to the UK and is therefore illegal to release them into the wild.

Contact us and we'll take care of everything.

Thank you

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