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Ant Farm Choose Your Ants Setup Customizable

Ant Farm Choose Your Ants Setup Customizable


Are you looking to start your very own ant colony in Ant Farm chosen and built by you?Look no further than our Custom Ant Farm Choose your Ants Setup! With this customizable ant farm, you can choose the size and shape of your nest and outworld to fit your specific needs.Plus, you can select the type of ants you want to populate your farm, from Lasius ants to Harvester ants and everything in between. Whether you're a beginner Ant enthusiast or a seasoned ant keeper, our Custom Ant Farm Choose Your Ants Setup is the perfect way to start or expand your collection. Get your hands on this unique ant farm setup and create the ant colony of your dreams! Start building your ant empire today!

Do not forget to add an escape prevention PTFE Fluon liquid. 

You might need a heating mat as well. Check out our Accessories page.

If you'd like to get some treats for your new ant-friends you'll find everything needed on our Ant Food page. 

Find all the info you need on the product's link list below:


A7 Sand - Ant Farm Kit A7 Starter Set

A7 Meter - Ant Farm Kit A7 Plus

A6 Sand - Ant Farm Size A6 Complete Starter Kit 

A6 Meter - A6 Ant Farm Kit with Meter

A5 Sand - Ant Farm Kit A5 PLA Complete Nest Setup

A5 Meter - Ant Farm Kit A5 M PLA Starter Set 

A5 VertiNest - Ant Farm Kit Vertical 


Small - Small Ant Farm Arena Outworld Set 

Medium - Ant Farm Arena Outworld Medium Set

Large - Ant Farm Kit Arena Outworld Formicarium Large 

Ant Colonies:

Lasius Niger - Black Garden Ant - Lasius Niger Live Queen Ants

Lasius flavus - Lasius Flavus Yellow Meadow Ant

Fire Ants - Myrmica Rubra Red Fire Ant 

Messor Barbarus - Harvester Ants - Messor Barbarus Live Queen Ant Colony

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