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BEST ANTS UK Perfect Hand-Made Ant Farm for your tiny pets

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Lucas Ant Farm Best Ants UK
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Large Ant Farm

Why should you choose Best Ants UK?
-We provide you with healthy and fertile queen ants for any live ant order.
-We raise our ant colonies from a queen for all species we sell.
-We make the perfect handmade ant nests to provide the best environment for your tiny pets (offered in four different sizes).
-We offer complete ant farm starter kits with everything necessary to dive into the ants’ world.
-We guarantee live queen arrival on all live ants orders.
-We ensure live goods are packaged safely and securely to minimise possible risk in transit.
-We are happy to assist you with opting for the right ant nest for you.

Angie Ant Farm Best Ants UK
A42 Ant Farm Best Ants UK
RoxAnt Ant Farm Best Ants UK
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Ant Farm for school education Best Ant UK

Complete Beginner-Friendly Ant Farms


  About Best Ants UK

Lovingly designed in Surrey, all the products are handmade, sanded, polished or varnished and finished with precision and attention to detail.
We do believe that ants are the most interesting and amazing creatures on the planet.
   Sitting near them and watching their daily cares about their eggs and pupa give us the opportunity to discover a bit more about their incredible world also gives us an insight into the world surrounding us. The love of ant keeping for more than 20 years guides us to a whole new level.
   Our mission is simple, after many years of tests and observation of ant's life and habitat, to provide the best environment design for a competitive price. Just take your time and teach yourself how to stay calm and embodied like themselves.


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Staines-upon-Thames, England

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